Cultures all over the world have celebrated the summer solstice since… well, forever. These traditions, rituals and celebrations focus on the meaning of the summer solstice. 

The summer solstice represents a time of ascension and the rebirth or return of the light. Spiritually, the sun’s light is thought to be the same light that shines within each human being. It’s the time of year to get rid of old, dark energy and realign with yourself, your mind and your body. The summer solstice is a great time to set goals, consider your life path, and create more abundant happiness in your life! 

Traditionally people celebrated renewal, life, fertility, the potential for a good harvest, inner and outer abundance, ascension, and the full return of the light of the sun. Today, people celebrate the summer solstice with outdoor parties, festivals, singing, dancing, and bonfires.

Here are some ideas for how to celebrate the summer solstice in 2021!

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