‘Leave no trace’ is one of the core values of van life and of utmost importance when we are talking about sustainable and eco-friendly van life. It’s really important to respect the environment and make responsible choices every day, but especially when we are out with our vans.

Don’t leave rubbish behind, don’t dump your water into natural water sources, respect the wildlife… ideally, when you leave the campsite, it should be impossible to know you were there in the first place!

  • Check where you are allowed to park a van or pitch a tent: wild camping is not allowed in most of the UK. 

In the UK, you need to check with the private landowner before you park up off of a campsite or pitch up a tent. Part of responsible van life is respecting the rules!

  • Embrace a low waste approach to your trip, and if you do have waste, recycle what you can and dispose of the rest appropriately. 

Recycling has become such an important part of our daily lives and it is just as important when camping in the UK too.

Even the most environmentally conscious of us will create a little waste when adopting a low waste lifestyle, so be sure to make sure everything is recycled and disposed of appropriately, including composting food waste.

Look out for recycling bins and options in your area when travelling!

Be particularly mindful when disposing of water and toilet waste when you’re camping in the UK! 

For a full list of top tips for responsible and sustainable van life, check out this blog post. 

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