We all know what gratitude is right? 

That warm feeling of thanks you feel in your heart when something beautiful has happened. Perhaps someones told you they love you, you’ve just witnessed a beautiful sunset, you’re sat with all your best friends around the table having a wholesome dinner, you’ve recovered from an illness, the sun has come out for the first time in weeks or perhaps you’ve just got back from a once in a lifetime trip.

Gratitude is usually felt after an event. It’s the elevated emotion that follows beyond the joyful act or moment on which you are reflecting. You can feel gratitude at any moment or at any time you switch your mind to it.

As well as reflecting on every event that has led you here, you can also tune into gratitude for everything in this given moment too. Your body, your health, your environment, your career, your safety. The list is endless. 

Why should you invest your time practising gratitude?

When we open our heart space and elevate our emotion to the frequency of gratitude we are operating from a higher state of consciousness and we are broadcasting that emotional frequency out into the quantum field. 

What does that mean?

The next paragraph is my simplified interpretation of Joe Dispenza’s video, watch it here.

70% of the time people live in a state of stress, of survival. In a state of stress/reactivity, your energy resources become squandered and the energy field around your body shrinks. The hormones of stress cause you to narrow your focus on the cause, your focusing on the cause (matter) and your senses are heightened (survival). Here you experience separation from the unified field.

In this place, in this low energetic frequency, it will take you a long time to get from where to are to the future you want.

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