Mother’s Day 2020 was the day before the first UK lockdown started. Can you believe it?

When is Mother’s Day 2021 I hear you ask?

If you’ve found this post by searching when is mothers day uk / what date is mothers day then this post is for you and the answer?

In the UK Mother’s Day 2021 falls on Sunday 14th March.

Just under one year later, here we are in lockdown number 3 (in the UK) and it’s time to think outside the box and get creative for Mother’s Day 2021 in lockdown… something none of us ever thought we would have to do! But hey, this past year has been full of surprises.

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In ‘normal’ circumstances, for Mother’s Day 2021, we would be planning celebrations to include restaurants, cafes, bars or on day trips (maybe even longer trips!) to show our mums how much we appreciate and love them. While the borders and local amenities might be closed, the borders of our hearts, minds and creativity are not.

There are still plenty of fun ways to celebrate Mother’s Day 2021 and this blog post is filled with ideas to inspire you.

It’s time to embrace the lockdown challenge and make Mother’s Day 2021 at home the best one yet. 

After reading this post, I guarantee you’ll be filled with Mother’s Day at home ideas that will fill your mum with an abundance of joy, happiness and love: something we are all in need of right now.

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Are you forced to spend Mother’s day at home? 

Are you spending Mother’s Day 2021 in lockdown? 

Are you looking for cheap Mother’s Day ideas? 

Although you might think that it might not be as fun or as thoughtful, that certainly doesn’t have to be the case. I actually think there’s a beautiful silver lining in a Lockdown Mother’s Day or Mother’s Day at home because, where you don’t get sucked into the commercial pull (expensive restaurants, presents and jewellery), it encourages you to be a little more thoughtful and to think a little outside the box.

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